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Size Guide

Ramp Sizing Tips
Since our bodies come in different sizes, so does the Liberator Ramp. Keep in mind that you can adjust the height and angle of the Ramp by flipping it over. Follow these sizing guidelines for a match made in heaven.

For most people our 24" wide Ramp is just right. This is what most of you should order. For plus-size lovers, our 30" wide Ramp offers a few more inches is width and extra support for your lovemaking. However, our 30" products are not ideal for straddling. So if you plan to mostly straddle, consider the 24" Ramp.

Ramps come in 10, 12 and 14-inch heights to make a better connection with your lover. Total height is not nearly as important as inseam, so grab your male partner and a tape measure and note the distance from his groin to his heel.

Inseam          Male Partner's Height
28-29 inches        Height Under 5'9"
30-34 inches        Average Height
35+ inches           Height over 6'4"

Sizing Ramp Image

Note: Most couples choose the Regular 24" width. Males with shorter legs or inseams below 30" prefer the Short size Ramp. If you are unsure what size to get, it is best to err on the side of short.