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The Greatest Invention for Sex Since the Bed

Say goodbye to flat sex! We all know beds were made for sleeping, but when it comes to having a satisfying intimate encounter—not so much. Your flat, squishy mattress is great for getting in your 8 hours but makes getting into or maintaining certain sex positions for any length of time feel awkward.

It’s not rocket science—when you are flat, your body is fighting against gravity and not in the optimal position for giving and receiving pleasure. You may be putting unnecessary strain on your back or knees to keep your hips tilted at the just the right angle or straining to hit the right spot, and this can keep your head out the game.

So, in the interest of helping you get even closer and exploring the hottest sex of your life, allow me to introduce you to the greatest invention for sex since the bed—Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear. For over a decade, Liberator’s ‘Shapes’ have helped thousands of couples boost their sexual aptitude and confidence while combating position fatigue.

I know what you’re probably thinking: “I’m already a sex god/goddess. Why would I need that?” But before you dismiss the idea of using positioning aids in the bedroom, hear me out.

When you incorporate a Liberator Shape, like the number-one selling Wedge/Ramp Combo, into your regular sex routine, you’re indicating to your partner how much you care about their pleasure.

Not only that, the Wedge and Ramp that make up this Shape are two products that can be used together or separate to give you opportunities to explore brand new positions. It will also make your current repertoire even better in a way that your mattress can never deliver.

Here’s how it works. Liberator only uses quality, high-density foam to produce optimal support and comfort during sex, so unlike your pillow that you sleep on, this platform will not shift or sink with time. In fact, the Wedge/Ramp Combo is so well-designed that even the fabric is specially crafted to stick to other Shapes, ensuring you have a solid foundation for your powerful thrusts. Each Shape is precisely measured to ensure your partner’s body is lifted and elevated, making new positions a whole lot easier. By adding height and support, you will be able to have better access and entry to the most exciting areas of your lovers body. Plus, men delight in the fact that using a Liberator can make their penis feel larger by providing deeper penetration and increased sensations for her.

The Wedge/Ramp Combo has specially designed angles and pitch that help hit the G-spot, or the prostate, for increased sensations and incredible orgasms. For those who enjoy oral sex, adding a Liberator Shape can take pressure off your neck muscles and enable you to perform for a longer period of time. And when the fun is done, just remove the the washable cover for easy clean up.

The beauty of Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is that it’s suitable for all types of couples and relationships, regardless of age, height, or weight. Once you start using a Liberator Shape, you will never go back to ever having flat sex again. Your love life just got elevated.